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  • Old back-A-Yard-Sayings
  • Our Job Is To Inform Educate And Entertain.

+ Old time people used to sey, and dem still sey

  • Never swap black dawg fe monkey
  • Mind yuh jump out a frying pan, an jump in a fire
  • My friend from St Vincent always said - some people jump out of the coffin, an straight into the grave
  • Back-A-Yard one would say: Yuh jump out a frying pan - right in a fire
  • OTHERS MIGHT SAY: Never give away the old for the new (well not if you can help it)
  • New broom sweep clean, but the old one know the corner
  • All that glitter is not gold
  • Be careful you don't cut your nose off, to spoil your face
  • Dawg have too much yard, go to bed without dinner
  • Finger stink - yuh nuh cut it off, you try an cure it
  • Always remember whey drop off a head, drop pan shoulder (well most times anyway)
  • A nuh de same day leaf drop a water, it gaah river bottom.
  • No child is born a racist.
  • Every human being/wild animals/birds/sea creatures, are born with the power to love and to hate.
  • It is only a country and it's people who can eradicate, and remove hate and prejudice from among themselves.
  • It is written JESUS CHRIST said: Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
  • A little child has no power on this earth to hold malice, it is what we teach them that they do. Therefore we all would do well, if we humble ourselves as a little child, for while doing so, the kingdom of heaven is not far from us.
  • Back-A-Yard one would say: If yuh waan fe know yuh fren, yuh betta lie dung pan de grung 'an yuh wi know dem.
  • We do have friends from some of the other Islands who would say: Lay dung so play dead, 'an see wha kina finaral yuh get.
  • They say to know is the greatest: But a wise and understanding heart, who can test it?
  • If yuh waan good, yuh nose haffi run.
  • Learn fe dance a yard, before yuh dance abroad.
  • Any wey de tree fall dung, a dey it lie dung.
  • Any wey river run one time, it wi run two time.
  • A nuh one time monkey waan wife.
  • The baby pig looked at mother pig and asked, 'mama how yuh mouth so long'? the mama pig grunted and said: 'ah mi pickny yuh a grow come, yuh wi soon find out'
  • Finger never sey look yah, it always sey look dey. (The only thing is that finger never noticed, that there are always four pointing back)
  • Sorry fe mawga dawg, mawga dog tun roun bite yuh.
  • Walk fe nutt'n betta dan siddung fe nutt'n.
  • Nuh money - Nuh honey.
  • A de same knife stick sheep stick goat.
  • Man walk too fast walk two time.
  • Back a grung money a han.
  • When puss belly full, rat battie bitter.
  • Dawg have money, tek eh buy cheese.
  • Jang-cro waan gaah lowad - likkle breeze ketch im' im' blow faaser.
  • Patient man ride donkey.
  • Monkey sey fall dung one time enough, fall dung two time too much.
  • Dem sey if yuh waan roast yam, finga haffi bun.
  • When I was a child I made decisions according to the teachings that I received. My genealogy also played an integral part of my plans, however now I've grown, thank The LORD to be a man, I no longer make my decisions by the feelings of my heart, but rather by my head. Why is that so? That is because as a man life has taught me differently from the way I was taught as a youth, and my heart is no longer inexperienced, so now I listen to my head.


  • A few thousand years ago, I was taken as a slave in the loins of my forefathers.
  • The good LORD preserved my life, and I was born in captivity, in a land called Jamaica.
  • The two lines above was inserted today 18/12/2012 at the time of 3.02 am. I have noted the date and the time for a reason, and that reason is called remembrance.
  • For those of you who have been following my writings - you might very well wonder: What the heck is he up to now? for those who know me inside out - they will tell you that the road is gonna become very long, and sometimes winding.
  • I myself can only tell you that the contents of this passage are practical, real, and true. If you are reading my writings for the first time - WELCOME! it is an honour to have you on board - this of course is part of my memoirs, destined for my forth-coming book.
  • This part of the book is written specially to educate the younger generations, not least my grand children, and their future generations. While at the same time serving as an informative tool for those adults who wish to inform and educate themselves about historical events past and present.
  • Right at the top of this page you will have noticed many sayings - the great majority of which I learned while growing up in the rural country parts of St Cathrine.
  • In those days women were not as modern as they are today, they were more into raising a family, and managing a home, which I can tell you is, and it was a full time unpaid job.
  • Something changed! everything started to become very modern, the women who kept the children clean and disciplined, letting them know what dad will and won't like, sort of started to evaporate like a mist slowly rising. The women themselves did not evaporate, but the Christian and or Biblical ways surely did.
  • The hair on the woman's head started to get in the way, because it took so long to get ready in the mornings, so she can be off to work - the dollars need to come in. It did not seem like a problem at first, but as the years rolled by, the changes started to settle in. Soon the girl children wanted their hair to be relaxed as well - it is easier to comb.
  • Am I missing something here? the Bible I read, and it is the same one I learned from, has a section in the new testament that says that the hair on a woman's head is her crowning glory.
  • Well if that be so - why is it that most young women of today that are labeled black, find it so difficult to maintain the natural way that GOD created their hair to grow out of their body.
  • As far as I can remember there are women with darker or blacker pigmentation of skin that are not natural born with this coarse hair, that the women that are labeled black has.
  • The ALLMIGHTY GOD does not make mistake. HE can not make mistake. Never mind what men write in old time and say. Let what life has taught you be your educator. Look at the trees HE made some tall and HE made some short. Look at the ocean how deep and so wide. Very salty too! then take a look at the rivers, and the vast number of springs, so refreshing cool and tasty. Surely GOD intended it to be so.
  • Look at the mountains, the hills and valleys. Right so we do agree FATHER GOD did not make mistake when he made my mother, my father, nor yours. So be yourself - that's what I say! be your natural self, your natural born self. In the same way a leopard can't change its appearance, the same principle applies when it comes to human beings. For instance the hair that grows under the arm is quite similar to that which grows on the head and other private parts of the body, and there is no amount of drugs that one can take to make it grow otherwise.
  • The eye brow is not natty, nor is the eye lash - have you ever thought about that? have you ever wondered why? My Bible that I grew up with is popularly known as the King James version - I am yet to see a more educational or informative piece of Christian history. That original English speaking version, though written in old English is the accepted Bible that has been version-ed and diluted so many times by so many writers and historians. It is my belief and personal opinion that if women that are called black were supposed to use chemicals to change their features to feel accepted, it would have been cannonaded.
  • My fellow men and brethren - come let us remind our mothers how lovely GOD created them, our daughters, our sisters, and our wives and girl friends. The main purpose of writing this is as I said before, for the benefit of the younger generations. Not a problem if grown ups does not like the way GOD made them, but show the innocents, who are going to be future leaders, and role models, that our FATHER did not make a mistake when HE created them, so they don't have to look like someone else who they saw in a book or film, or television to be accepted.
  • In old time a lot of our heroes had to do the hair bit to be accepted, and I for one dearly honour and thank them for making the sacrifice, oh yes there were men as well who went down that road. Great singers and film stars, sports people and media people. But that was then. We are living in a different time. Time for people to respect themselves, time for people to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD. I will share a little secret with you - when I was just about getting towards twenty years old, my mother came home from work one evening. We were living at 134b Maxfield Avenue at the time, and she was working at The Houses of Parliament where she spent all of her working life barring a short stint at The Ministry of Education.
  • I remember coming home from where I was learning trade and looking at my mother I turned to her and said - mama 'why yuh have fe do yuh hair?' in those days women never used chemicals, what they did was to use a hot comb and burned the hair, known in those days as straightening. She never said a word, but she looked at me, and about a week later she came home and her hair was as natural as the day she was born. It has remained in the same position and today she is nearer 90 rather than 80 years old. I often remind her about that time, but she has never bothered to discuss the matter.

  • Maybe it was even the men who first started, however, this is not about pointing fingers, but rather an awareness awakening. We who are labeled 'the black people' need to get up stand up, and not fight for no rights - the fighting happened long time ago - we need to educate our young ones, because if this is not done, the in this time slavery, will be much worse than at old time.
  • <><><><>
  • Why do I say that? ah I'm glad if you did ask - you see over the years in times past, slavery have always reared its ugly head, and let me assure you that it was not only the peoples that are labeled black who became enslaved by others, not by a long chalk.
  • Peoples called white were also enslaved, the big difference is that, in recorded history we are now at the point in time when the world has never been so populated, and this new form of slavery will not be nations against nations, it will be economical slavery.
  • This is the reason why it is so very important to be skillful, and to have general knowledge. To get on the football team is great, the basketball team, super, but that won't wash in this time of humanoid creation. Those areas of opportunity will be so squeezed, that the spacing room will be water tight, making it not impossible, but rather difficult to get into.
  • For those with creative minds, hop aboard, it is a long road, and equally unpredictable, but again, not impossible.
  • The above is not entirely placed into the book ''SOME PEOPLE,'' hopefully after a time & some more time.

  • Copyright R L ''Rupie'' Edwards. 2013.